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In November 2016, MvVO ART presented ACCESSIBLE ART FAIR NEW YORK at the iconic National Arts Club at Gramercy Park


AD ART SHOW 2018 opens at Sotheby’s in New York City


Takamitsu Sakamoto

Professional Photographer

His first artworks were introduced in one of the art magazines in Switzerland and introduced in 7 countries. His first personal exhibition was held in Berlin, 2013 and recognized by the Embassy of Japan, Germany, ASIA-Pacific WEEK Berlin, Japanisch-Deutsche Gesellschaft.

His 7 art pictures were presented to JP HOME supported by METI and MOFA Japan Government in Italy. His artworks were exhibited at THE BIEGANSKI ART FESTIVAL and Cavalieli art hotel in Malta, 2014.

In November 2016, His artworks were selected by MvVO ART in NYC. One of his masterpieces is displayed at the Embassy of Germany, Japan. MvVO ART :http://www.mvvoart.com/

In October 2017, his artwork is presented to SAR Emanuele Filiberto di Svoia, Prince de Venise et de Piemont.

He is a member of the Japan P.E.N CLUB.

New Artworks

The concept of this artwork We humans are living in the time of the earth. The earth is not living in the time of humans. The history of mankind and time span are very short by comparison to these geological strata. I wanted to describe in this artwork that anything happens in human history is just a small thing compared to these geological strata.



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Japanese beauty

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Other works


Takamitsu Sakamoto

I believe there is a certain spirituality in pure Japanese culture.
I photograph time and thoughts of Japanese cultures (Wabi Sabi, Zen, Japanese way of thinking, Jomon culture, Edo culture and Samurai culture) Japan is a country with many unique, traditional and spiritual cultures.

My artworks are created though Japanese culture & spirituality and I express my thoughts and feelings through them.





Isamu Koyama

Served as a project leader working on the project for creating online & offline learning platform at GABA Corporation Headquarter Marketing Department Academic Development and an overseas department manager for a Japanese real estate firm working on a turn-around project for 29 residential properties located in the center of Tokyo for 3 years.

Received an opportunity to provide finance lectures to MBA students at Amravati University and more than 400 business schools, Maharashtra State, India and organized number of CSR activities in Amravati and Nagpur as a brand ambassador of Amravati District.

Built a close relationship with Maharashtra Airport Development Company Limited, Nagpur (MADC) and Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC). Received an opportunity to get invited to The Ministry of Road Transport and highways, Mr. Nitin Ji Gadkari & his team and the consulate general of Japan in Mumbai, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan government and JETRO METI, Japan government.

Founded K136 Global Sales & Marketing Partner in Japan (PM & M&A advisory business) and supporting number of Japanese firms coming into India market. In 2017, Founded Project136 LLC with M&A, legal and investment teams.

Yuki Makino

Mr. Makino has started serving as an attorney at law for K136 Global Sales & Marketing Partner since 2015 and working closely with Mr. Koyama on many project management cases.

October 2017, jointly formed a LLC firm focusing on the development of Global Human Resource and business & investment platform 【Project136 LLC】and he was appointed as the director of legal department.

・ Kyoto University Faculty of Law
・ Tokyo University Graduate School of Law & Politics
・ Tokyo Bar Association Legal Advice Center Committee Member
・ K136 Global Sales & Marketing Partner : Attorney at law
・ Project 136 LLC : Director of Legal Department

His works are supported by FL TOKUYAMA